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Team Building London

TTR2 team building organisers offer a range of Team Building Activities in LondonIncluding indoor/ outdoor, day/evening and small/large for companies looking to build their team spirit and lift morale.


Inspiring teams to face Team Building Challenges cerebral and physical, then plan and work together to one end. Employee Communication, Decision Making, Delegation, Leadership, Planning and Problem Solving.

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Popular Team Building Events London

  • Twelve Tasks of Hercules | Team Building London

    Many moons ago, the Gods challenged Hercules, half God and half mortal human, to complete twelve labours to light up the Greek flame, the symbol of unity on heaven and earth. The Gods will only allow the flame to be relit if another twelve tasks are successfully completed. Your 12 challenges range from practical to creative so that everyone has the opportunity to shine. Your challenge together is to relight the flame of the Gods.

  • Da Vinci Code | Team Building London

    Be the first to discover the curious secrets on this high class intellectual quest. An amazing team event with enigma piled on secrets, stacked on riddles. You will be taken on a ride, but where will you be going? As masters of your own destiny, you hold the answer. A rivetting team experience that is set to shake up the world of team building events.

  • Hells Bells | Team Building London

    A high-class, indoor product with a toy box feel that offers intrigue, ingenuity and invention, while pushing the boundaries of balance, logic, gravity, kinetic energy and the uses of plywood. This event culminates in the assembly of 12 beautifully coloured sculptures with each ‘sculpture’ forming a "working machine" in its own right. The finale ending is spectacular and results in a genuine group sense of achievement.

  • Team Work of Art | Team Building London

    You and your team reproduce a work of art onto giant canvasses. Each sub-team will be assigned to a canvas; they will then be given one part of the whole picture, which they must reproduce onto their canvas. Participants soon realise that team unity and collaboration is needed, if the paintings are to come together seamlessly at the end of the activity. Tactics and strategy then come into play!

  • Mexican Railway | Team Building London

    Participants each hold a piece of "track" and work together to link this simple structure to the next participant forming an aerial "railway track". By coordinating their movements (the lifting and lowering of their piece of track) the wave moves brightly coloured balls along the rollercoaster and around the conference hall. This unique activity unites everyone’s energy

  • Speed Dating | Team Building London

    A frantic session where each delegate needs to find his/her next “date”. As in the world of romance, each time is different- different people, different stories and different conversations. This concept facilitates an exchange of ideas on a number of subjects and maximises the opportunities to network. Speed Dating is an energetic way to mix delegates up and to learn from the experiences of others.

  • Quest for Kudos | Team Building London

    The distant sounds of battle drums and a plea from the Arch Wizard Goldwhisper herald the start of a thrilling adventure. Your team must journey to the enchanted land of Kudos to tackle the challenges that present themselves and forestall invasions by competing teams. Challenging tasks, lessons in wizardry and magical activities with practical challenges enable your team to prepare for the ultimate task of governing the land.

  • Independent Productions | Team Building London

    Working with video cameras, props and a free rein, your challenge is to produce a hard hitting, attention grabbing and entertaining film. To whet your appetite, your first task is to draw a mystery envelope containing your team’s film style. These range from ‘Action Thriller’ and ‘Spaghetti Western’ to the traditional British ‘Carry On’ films. The final cut will decide the master piece and the winning production team.

You Bet Challenge | Team Building London

The challenge is designed as a competitive team building event for any number of teams.

Each team will be given a challenge pack containing; basic rules of the challenge, an initial float of credits (can be client branded if required), a programme of activities and a map of the location of each activity.

Every team will have the opportunity to take part in all activities, at each activity our instructor will set a challenge- this could be a head to head against another team or an individual team challenge. The team will then be asked to bet on achieving the challenge.Winning bets will double their stake.

Sample Activities | Team Building London

Human Table Football | Rocket Challenge | Max Kats |Blind Driving | Sumo Wrestling | Photo Treasure Hunt |Motorised Beer Kegs | Segway |Escape Challenge | Laser Clay (indoors or outdoors) | Raft Race |Water Skiing | Banana Rides | Quad Obstacle | Build a Boat

Further events on our Team Building Activity list.

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