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Team Building Activities

TTR2 team building organisers offer a range of Team Building Activities. Indoor/ outdoor, day/ evening and small/large for companies looking to build their team spirit and lift morale.

Popular Team Building Events

  • Blind Driving

    It Sounds easy! Negotiate a tight course using forward and reverse gears while blindfolded, a seeing colleague in the passenger seat will guide you. An excellent trust and communication exercise.

  • Motorised Beer Kegs

    Each team has a practice run, before teh race around teh slalom course with pit stops F1 style, exciting to ride, hilarious to watch.

  • Segways

    The ultimate off road personal transporters are easy to master after a practice session with teh instructor, teams then complete head to head driving through the slalom course to achieve the quickest time.

  • *Quads

    These all terrain vehicles are made for all types of off road conditions. Their qualities will be put to the test over our challenging obstacle course, featuring both slalom and limbo sections.

  • Sumo Wrestling

    Wearing a huge padded sumo wrestler suit, grapple with your opponent and shove them out of the ring, first to win 3 bouts is the champion.

  • Crossbows

    These weapons date back over 200 years, with an instructornext to you try your hand at shooting the 5 inch bolt at the bullseye target a steady hand will be required to score in the Gold centre.

  • Max Kats

    Experience driving the ultimate 6 wheeled amphibious off road vehicle around a challenging land and water basedcourse, an instructor will be sat next to you at all times to ensure complete safety

  • Human Table Football

    A Hilarious game of 6-a-side with contestants only able to move sideways along the poles wearing a special harness, a great game with foam balls used for safety

  • Air Rifle or Air Pistol Scrabble

    After a team practice, each player must shoot at the alphabet target, any letters hit are then used to make as many words as possible on the board to achieve a team score.

  • Laser Clay Shooting

    Indoors or Outdoors – Quick reflexes and a keen eye are needed for this challenge, using real guns that have been adapted, you must fire a laser beam at the clay and it relays the information to an electronic score board for the team scor

  • Archery

    Try your skill at this traditional sport, suitable for beginners or keen archers, after a practice session its time to shoot for a team or individual score

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TTR2 offer their Team Building Services in the following areas:Corporate Team Building London, Corporate Team Building Games Berkshire,Team Building Activities Bedfordshire, Team Building London, Team Building Events Essex, Team Building Event Hertfordshire, Team Building Day Hampshire, Activity Team Building Middlesex, Corporate Team Building Northamptonshire, Team Building Activities Oxfordshire, Corporate Team Building Games Surrey and Team Building Days Sussex. Please ask if you are in an area outside those listed.

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